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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Loaf of Bread Head

So, like I said yesterday, I didn't get into Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, but my friend Todd Sullivan did. He's shocked because he doesn't consider himself a Bread Loaf type of dude. He even called to confirm it wasn't a mistake. Good Job Todd.


Marlon James said...

Dude, I have never been able to get into Breadloaf so I just gave up. The last time I thought it was a done deal until I read the winner's Bio. Somehow my i-pod touch woes just don't have the same resonance as "when the warlords torched our village."


Mista Moon said...

I know this has nothing to do with the article at hand, but you got that play on words, "Loaf of Bread Head" from my cousin Ander when we were joning on each other back in the day. Right?

Rion Amilcar Scott said...

Naw, I got it from the RZA....He says it on one of his Bobby Digital albums. I played it for you one time when I was back at Howard and was like if this was back in the days we'd adopt that as your name.