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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Maniac in Black Opens Her Big Mouth Again

I didn't expect to post about The Maniac in Black Ms. Hilary Clint Eastwood again. I figured she was done and I was done with her, but her stupidity has come back with a vengeance. Of all the silly, idiotic, racist and misogynistic things that have been said throughout this campaign, she managed to make the dumbest comment yet. I thought Pat Buchanan, Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Gerladine Ferraro were shoe-ins for the dumbest comment award, but then Hilary Clint Eastwood suggests she's holding on in case Obama is assassinated like RFK. She's topped them all.

And then she gives a weak-ass, condescending "I-sorry-that-you-were-offended-by-my-comments-but-I'm-Not-Sorry-I-Said-Them" apologies. Then she blames Obama's campaign for blowing this out of proportion. Bad political moves all around, Hil. So, Obama I can't ride with you when you say that her comments were just carelessness. I appreciate that our future president took the high road, but the Clintons have been very careful and exacting with their language throughout the whole campaign. It's their style to make subtly malicious, but devastating comments and then pretend as if they are being maligned when people get upset. Remember Bill's racially dismissive comments about Obama's South Carolina victory?

The specter of political assassination has loomed over this race since the beginning. This is a country that once burned and hung black men for fun not too long ago. It's not such a stretch to imagine that someone would be so uncomfortable with a black man as his leader that he'd aim to take Barack out. It's the fear of all his supporters, and of many observers, particularly those that lived through the assassinations of the 60's. If there isn't already a nail in her presidential coffin then this should be it. Fuck it, my man Keith Olbermann can say this better than I can:
Tell me the above is not the greatest dis rap of all time. Sen. Clinton got ethered.

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dh said...

Yeah. Remember when MK's critique of a story in visiting writers was to put her hands in front of her eyes, peeking through her fingers with horror? These videos are kind of like that. Including Olbermann's. I kept thinking he was going to cut to that gruesome segment of the newsreel with Bobby lying on the floor. But why Clinton would even want to think of 1968, let alone mention the shooting, is beyond me. Tet Offensive, then April 4 and riots all over, then June 4, and after all that, Nixon won. What a terrible year.