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Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Funk: Africa Edition

I must note that I came across an x-rated version of the below video when I was looking the song on Youtube. It makes me wonder if Ludacris makes x-rated videos for all his singles. The dude sure does have a whole lot of uncut videos. I mean a lot. Don't ask me how I know. Didn't know this one existed though. I decided not to post it here or on Footnotes [1] as I like to keep my blogs PG-13. I mean, what happens if my niece somehow learns to walk, talk, read and use the internet in the next few days? She'd naturally look for her uncle's blog to be enlightend by his thoughts on life. I wouldn't want her to come across images of naked women dancing with Ludacris. No hidden links here this time. Still, I wanted to get it on the record that this video exists. Please don't stampede to Youtube now.

Ain't no need in even asking brah, the best women all reside in...

Ludacris ft. Bobby Valentino - Pimpin All Over The World
Uploaded by big-kizito

Cuz Im African - Wale


dh said...

I would like to be able to say something like this.

I am Acadian. I am Hungarian. I am Alsace-Lorrainean. Hmm.

I like the last the best, because that is one of those places that is in between and invaded a lot.

I like this song a lot, actually. I did not go to the non-PG-13 site. I'll take your word for it. Your site is PG-13 like the moon is a balloon.

Have a great trip, Mr. Scott.

dh said...

I meant the first song.

Rion Amilcar Scott said...

There is no x-rated link. I did not post it.

dh said...

I know. Trying to be funny. And

who knows if the moon's
a balloon, . . .