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Friday, June 13, 2008

Kelly, not Guilty??? Huh?? What???

I hate it when life imitates the Boondocks.

Tell me what a celebrity has to do to be found guilty of a crime in this country. Phil Spector can wander around talking about, "I think I killed somebody." R. Kelly can have sex with a little girl and then pee on her on tape. Both of them: acquitted. Don't label me an R. Kelly hater. I really like lot of R. Kelly's songs. In the early part of this century he was on a streak where he was making both good thoughtful songs and fun songs. It's like he was trying to make his mark (no pun intended) before they locked him away for a real long time. That has nothing to do with this situation, however. I bet now we're going to have an onslaught of this type of trfiling shit.

I'm about to get me some money and a little bit of notoriety. Then I'll be unstoppable. To R. Kelly, I say: sing it up slimeball:

Jay Z - guilty until proven innocent
(Remember when Jay-Z and R. Kelly made the above song with the hook "Jigga, Kelly not guillty" and Jay-z then plead guilty to stabbing that dude? Back when his man stabbed Un and made him take the blame. I thought that was a bad sign for the R-Man, boy was I wrong. )


Mega Marc said...

I think case sadly shows how much value a black girl has in the US.

Rion Amilcar Scott said...

That's damn true. Too damn true.