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Monday, June 23, 2008

Some stuff I read over the weekend and other stuff too

Little more than a week until I split this pop stand for my ancestral homeland. Still got a billion things to do and a bunch of non-Ghana related things to do (like this job interview on Tuesday. We all saw what happened last time I had one of those). I'm not good with having a lot of things to accomplish. Still have to get my visa and other important shit. I usually fall apart when I have too much to do, but things end up getting done anyway. It's going to be hectic.

I'm probably going to hit the blog pretty hard this week as this hobby seems to center me and there are posts that I've been meaning to do for a while. Need to get them out before I'm overseas and not giving a riff about you clowns.

Plus, this week, I'm going to extend Monday Music a bit. Each day, I'm going to post and Africa themed song or two. I have a bunch in mind. If you want to see anything let me know. I don't know much about Ghanaian music, but I'd like to post some. I'll be doing my research, but if you know anything about what jams over there let me know.

And I updated a few of the the posts with sentences to make them clearer or funnier or something if you're interested....I often slightly revise my posts. Can't help it....And my up arrow key fell fuck Dell, next time I get a Mac.

OK....Things I read (or watched) over the weekend:

I heard a lot about Nam Le, so I went to the bookstore and read this story, the first one in his collection, The Boat and then I left. It's a good story. You think it's going one way then it goes another. It zigs then zags and then zigs.

Speaking of zig-zag-zig. I read this interview with the Ruler Zig-Zag-Zag Allah, commonly known to y'all as the RZA
(and way back in the days, Prince Rakeem). This dude has such a fascinating mind. I didn't want to stop reading this interview. Here's an interview with one of his brightest disciples, Killah Priest.

My friend and frequent Flambe commenter, the more-brilliant-than-he-knows David Heath has a great interview with novelist, Andrew Winfield. Heath asks some really insightful questions and Wingfield gives him some very thoughtful answers. It's real useful and entertaining and it makes me want to pick up Wingfield's books. It also makes me want to be interviewed by David Heath.

Does Crazy Professor John McWhorter have anything useful to say? He takes on hip-hop and novelist Adam Mansbach, who wrote the ehh, aiight novel, Angry Black White Boy, smacks him the fuck down in this review. Can someone say ethered?

This is not gangsta...not gangsta at all. Neither is this. Or this for that matter.
(and that's not how you use the word "dismember"), showing emotion is not weak?

This on the other hand is kind of gangsta. I'm going to take Iceberg's lead and start beefing with 17-year-old boys. They annoy me as a group. Hey Souljah Boy, you know you done fucked up, right? You know you done fucked up, right?

"Music is like sex, it's meant to be bought not shared..."

This song is pretty obnoxious. A bunch of random no-name assholes rapping about nothing over a tired beat. It's nauseating. The only reason I post it is because the video features crabs rolling blunts and fish puffing on cigars. If you ever wanted to see a fish get high, it might be worth it to put the song on mute and just watch the seafood smoke it up. to get my visa[1].

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dh said...

You're a star, Rion.

Alas, despite your best efforts, Googling me still brings up David "Gangrel" Heath of the World Wrestling Federation much higher than me on the list. I could see if Gangrel would interview you though. That might be interesting.

I'm looking forward to reading about all things Ghana. After you get your visa.