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Monday, June 9, 2008

Things I read over the Weekend

*I love when news organizations do post-mortems on failed political campaigns. This one from the New York Times on Hil's loss is particularly entertaining. I love the part when Hil's chief strategist Mark J. Penn tries to make her appear more "American" than Obama.

At one point, Mr. Penn argued that Mrs. Clinton should find subtle ways to exploit what he called Mr. Obama’s “lack of American roots,” referring to his Kenyan father and his childhood years in Indonesia and even the offshore state of Hawaii, the campaign officials said. Mr. Penn recommended that Mrs. Clinton own the word “American” — she should talk about the “American century” and her “American Strategic Energy Fund,” and so forth. She should add flag symbols to her logo, he suggested.

*On another note, Daaaaaaaammmmmm!!!!! Chuck Palahniuk got ethered *fixed the link*. ....

*I wish I was better at chess. I suck, so I don't play much anymore. I'll get back to it eventually. I still harbor a dream of collecting all kinds of designer chess sets. Forward to about 2:57 in this guy's video and tell me he doesn't have the craziest chess set ever.

*This article appalled me.

* Over at my friend Ryan Call's blog, Hermit Crab Nation (the blog's on its third name. First it was My Foot and then Drinks on Wheels), he's offering to send you a free copy of Phoebe when you order the latest issue of Avery. I can vouch for at least one story in the latest Phoebe, Kevin Wilson's The Thumb. I chose it for the issue. It's a real haunting story about a boy who dismembers himself. I thought about it for a while after first reading it and still think about it. I haven't gotten my hands on the latest issue of Phoebe yet. Can't wait to read it though. While you're at the Avery site, buy their last issue too. It's home to one of Ryan Call's growing cadre of published short stories. I'll vouch for him too.

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