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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cheryl's Gone Reading

Hey folks, it's been a good summer for me so far. Went to two continents that I've only dreamed about in the past. Got recognition for my work. Received a new degree and a few more letters to put behind my name. Hung out with good friends. Made new ones. Read some good books. Oh and I got a new job teaching English to freshman at Bowie State University....It seems like yesterday that the guy who was paying for my education was yelling at me for squandering his hard earned money on Cs and worse. At one point, I just stopped bringing my home my report card. (All you mediocre and bad students out there: By law, the people who pay for your education don't have any right to see your report card. It's a law!) One day I'll have a son as difficult as me and my dad'll be telling me to go easy.

The last time I had a great summer I was like 19 and I called it "The Summer of Rion," I named it thus because I went to a lot of clubs, listened to some good music and hollered at a few girls....Who knew that there could be more to life than that?

So dear readers, next Thursday (that's a week from now) I'll be reading at Big Bear Cafe on First Street in Norfwes' D.C. at the Cheryl's Gone Reading Series....Consider it my victory lap....Hope y'all can make it...I'll be debuting a new story, "David Sherman, the Last Son of God."

Looks like two great poets and a guitarist will also perform that night. I've been to this reading series before and I've been thoroughly entertained. I hope I'm entertaining.

OK....must go revise this story if I'm going to read it.....and I have more posts in me so check back....

More info. Click here.


ryan call said...

wow you are reading with that huffman guy - he has been in NOON

Mike said...

Good luck at the reading, man. Kick some ass.