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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God is From Cross River, Everyone Knows That....

The above is the first sentence from the story I'm going to read at Cheryl's Gone (Thursday, August 21. 8 p.m. Big Bear Cafe 1700 1st Street, NW Washington, D.C.)....The story's called "David Sherman, The Last Son of God." .....You should come out and see me.

Consider the title of the post a preview....

OK, here's a preview of the other folks who will read

Kate Schapira:



Barbel, ferrule and a sting
across the river bottom those two
Thursdays we had snow

I don't want to be an alarmist. All I'm saying
is, it doesn't have quite the ring
as rallying cries go. It has been recently discovered

The emphasis is where it's supposed to be.
It has been recently discovered that the Lyme-bearing
tick thrives in stretches of five
acres or less,

a surprisingly Victorian plot,

due to the lack of predators for its
favorite host in woods that size.

You may draw your own serum from this. It's
not a compromise, it's marked by white-out,
match head, needle point and still embedded.
It is, however, hunched

and difficult to gouge out the idea—"dislodge"
is not enough. As the area of one
increases so the other shrinks, be it rash
or underbrush with plastic bags in it.
Or saleable, which has taken the place.

An instrument of fishing in the lip, a
parable, a twinge put down to climate. At least partly
a home found of its own, soon without

another side to pull from. Flesh
become my flesh. I will hunt you
down with every possible spear.

(From Diagram)

Kate Schapira lives in Providence RI, where she curates the Publicly Complex Reading Series. She’s the author of three chapbooks, Phoenix Memory (horse less press), Case Fbdy. (Rope-A-Dope Press) and The Saint’s Notebook (CAB/NET Chapbook Series), and she’s proud of recent acceptances to Aufgabe, Word for/Word, Denver Quarterly, 580 Split and Action Yes.

Jibade-Khalil Huffman


Simultaneous Netherlands
and the simultaneous flowers

sometimes an offal. Tours
in and around the metal bar

preventing fall; last bucket
containing two days wrecks in

from the air. Simultaneous hilts
naming barns. In snow again

separately, volume of accounted-
for shells found around a mountain

extending reeds extending in theme
measure of the world gone hiding

in a "vice grip," as flowers
under cover of thread

simultaneous standing with flu
upon other flu

"into her arms," in a filmed image
major and the minor chords

simultaneous dials for one effect.
Fugue wherein two wives

having the grouse feather, having
the single pearl

lines by a burning down
roof's span. Choke of a peach pit

hinge to hang off from, simultaneous
braille broke in afternoon.

(From Bat City Review)

Jibade-Khalil Huffman
is the author of “19 Names For Our Band” (Fence Books, 2008). His poetry, fiction, and photography have appeared in Boston Review, NOON, Canarium, Encyclopedia, Court Green, and Aufgabe among others. His awards include the Grolier Poetry Prize and fellowships from the Millay Colony for the Arts and the Ucross Foundation. A graduate of Bard College and Brown University, he lives in New York where he works as an art handler and maintains a blog ( chronicling rap videos he likes and every book he has read since January 2006. He is at work on a novel.

Rocky Jones is also playing music, but I can't find his web presence.

Rocky Jones
is the part-time, one-person, Cheryl’s Gone house band. He’s also a Bloomingdale resident and has quite an amazing voice. You may remember him from Cheryl’s Gone events in Sept 07 and Feb 08.

This has nothing to do with this reading, but here's an excerpt of the new Toni Morrison book, Mercy.

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