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Friday, August 22, 2008

This I Believe

My wiz, otherwise known as Sufiya Abdur-Rahman, has a radio essay coming out on NPR on Monday as part of their This I Believe series. It's going to be on All Things Considered which is on from 4-8 p.m. in these parts (in D.C. WAMU 88.5 fm....In NY 93.9 fm or 820 am....can't help anyone else.) After that, I believe her essay will be online....I'll put up the link when it's up...

So crank up your car radios or kitchen stereos and get prepared to blast her work like it's the latest Lil' Wayne single or something.

Also, as the weekend honor of Sufiya Abdur-Rahman's radio essay....tell me what you believe in....leave a as detailed or as simple as you like....I'll start off...I believe in art and I believe in solitude......

Some of Sufiya Abdur-Rahman's greatest hits....

Growing up to be a Black Man

Delay of Fame

The Hip Hop Animator

Meridian Kill


ryan call said...

this is cool, good work sufiya
i will try to listen, i will try to remember

plesae post the link when its up

atleastsmileatonestranger said...

probably will forget to listen, so be sure to post up the link. grooooovy for sufiya.

what i believe in: turkey bacon and children.

dh said...

I believe, to borrow a few of her words, that people like Sufiya will never go out of style.