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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Horoscope Magic

I saw the following on Tayari Jones' blog. She and I are both Sagittari:

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
A poet friend of mine hatched a scheme for writing a book in record time. He bought a round-trip ticket for a Greyhound bus that would take him from Oakland, California to New York City and back. He vowed that over the course of those nine grueling days and 6,000 miles, as he ate stale sandwiches from vending machines in bus stations and slept sitting up surrounded by strangers, he would churn out an epic-length poem about the experience of traveling cross-country on the most populist form of transportation. The experiment worked. His book was witty, shocking, and entertaining. I urge you to give yourself a comparable assignment, Sagittarius. Invoke the magic of a strict deadline to create something beautiful that will last a long time.

Free will Astrology
Pretty inspiring, right? It speaks to me because I went from working non-stop on this novel, to about zero. I'm even thinking about it less and less. When I'm not writing, I don't feel right. I'm glad I'm at a point where I can say I feel that way. It took a lot of work to get there, but now I'm stuck feeling like a piece of shit cause I'm neglecting my work. I can't be mad at myself. It's been the most hectic time for me n recent memory. I'm getting used to this new job. All these papers to grade. Then there was malaria, had me knocked down. Gotta spend significant time being with, and thinking about my 101-year-old grandmother as her health situation evolves.

Obviously, my health and my grandmother's health comes before This-Novel-That-May-Never-Be-Published. And getting a handle on this job, at least right now, is at least as important as TNTMNBP.

But this horoscope has me reeling. Like it was written for me. Though it is so universal it speaks to a wide range of folks. So, this weekend. I'm going to make some Horoscope Magic happen. I'm going to make a major dent in this book. I'm going to take a tour of places that I used to write at and by Sunday night, I will have finished this section of the book. No, it won't be a whole poetry collection about America, but it'll be something.



dh said...

I thought I recognized that horoscope's style--it's Rob Brezsny (and you might like his front page right now). I have to give the "I'm not a horoscope person," disclaimer, but his are like literature, they're that good.

I'm glad you're writing. Last fall I was writing on the Metro every morning, scribbling like a madman. One weekend I decided I would get on and just ride across town while I wrote. Whatever it takes, right?

Rion Amilcar Scott said...

Did that trip across town work?

dh said...

Yeah, I got a lot done. But another time I went out to a park out by the Bull Run, and that seemed to work, too. It seems like what I needed to do was announce: I am going somewhere to write, like you did. I wish I could make it a habit. I know what you mean about not feeling right not writing. Which reminds me . . .

Sara said...

I love this idea! I wrote a story on a plane to California once, and in a later form it ended up being the story I used to get into grad school. Go, Rion!