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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Real Meltdown of '08

My Friends, we are watching the meltdown of our once venerable senator from Arizona, Old Man McCain.

In failed campaigns there is always one moment that becomes cemented in the public's mind as the moment everything fell apart. There was the moment Bob Dole fell from the stage. The Howard Dean scream (Check that joint in reverse). Sometimes, it's not a moment, but a particular attack: The Swiftboat salvo on John Kerry's integrity. My favorite one was when George Allen, while running for Senate, called a young Indian man macaca.

I wonder, what that moment will be for John McSame. If he loses--and he's not looking good in the polls--there's a bunch of moments we could point to. Let's see: There was that time he pretended to suspend his campaign to go to Washington to help with the bailout of Wall Street. He looked really foolish on that one. Then there was Sarah Palin's disastrous set of interviews with Katie Couric. Or are people going to talk about the last debate when McSame started talking about hairplugs and referred to Obama, as "That One." He actually called the dude, That One. McSame is utterly incapable of restraining his contempt for Barry O. The old man's crotchety, grumpy, angry and volatile doddering demeanor is McSame's true downfall. (The hairplug moment was really funny. McSame makes this horribly corny joke about needing a hair transplant and pauses for laughter and then there was silence. Painful. Painful.)

Don't get me wrong. We shouldn't count our chickens before they are hatched. I talked to a Virginia voter who told me that his state is Republican so there is no point in voting. He's wrong, VA is swinging like the sixties, but I hope this is one of the last times I'm talking about the old crazy, coot and his blathering airhead of a sidekick.

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Anonymous said...

A Republican state my ass! Remind your Virginia friend that Democrat Mark Warner has a 30 point lead in the senate race, and, oh by the way, in case this was the subtext of that, Democrat Douglas Wilder was the first African American elected as governor of a U.S. state, in 1989.

On the other hand, Senator Webb beat George "Macaca" Allen by less than 1%. So we need all the votes we can get!