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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


OK guys, it's the moment of truth. The day we've been waiting for since the Supreme Court installed Bush into the White House. This is the moment we send him home instead of giving him anther term.

So here's some election music, Eminem's anti-Bush song, the one where he leads Lloyd Banks to the polls. I know, it didn't work last time, but I have faith that people realize that the last eight years have sucked. I've been walking around in a perpetual state of anger since January 2000. And it only deepened in January 2004. I mean, I remember how depressed everyone was for a couple months just after Bush won re-election (actually it was the first presidential election he ever won, but that's another story).

Crossing my fingers. It's Barry's time. McBush had his chance.

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RealHipHopLives said...

Yea I have faith that the numbers for voters will be through the roof this time around. But did you really have to bring lame "Feminem" into this.

"Real Hip-Hop lives, but it is just on life support, who will pull the plug or apply the shock treatment?"