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Friday, November 21, 2008

Politics and the English Language

Look, we all know that political language is not the most creative in the world, but I think this year was one of the worst for cliches. Entire news broadcasts were scripted using phrases that had been said over and over and over until all meaning had been wrung from them. I watched in episode of Lou Dobbs on CNN a few weeks back in which he and his people were apparently competing to see who could use the phrase "in the tank" most often (Dobbs won).

So here is a brief, by no means exhaustive, list of meaningless phrases from campaign '08 that I never want to hear again:

*My friends

*Meat and potatoes issues

*Red meat

*Joe the Plumber

*Change (particularly when your cabinet is made up of people we have seen before)[1]

*Main Street (as opposed to Wall Street)

*In the tank

*Sarah Palin

Please, if you have anymore post them in the comments section.....

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