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Sunday, December 7, 2008

David Sherman doing stuff

Surfing the Web yesterday, I came across Tayari Jones discussing how she picked the winners of the Indiana Review Fiction Contest, which made me say, "Aww damn, I didn't win." So that led me to the contest Web site. Imagine my somewhat pleasant surprise to see my name and story listed as a finalist (I say "somewhat" because it was an annoying day). The story is called "David Sherman, The Last Son of God." The first sentence is: God is from Cross River, everyone knows that. I read a piece of it at Big Bear Cafe this summer. It's from the novel/novel-in-stories/whatever that I've been working on. It's the second piece of that thing to get some shine, the first being a story called, "Juba." That one got me a trip to Africa. I'm going to celebrate by writing a new paragraph and grading a bunch of papers.


Professor Johnson said...

Rion! It's been awhile, and I just wanted to tell you how proud and thrilled I am for your continued success! I notice that you are teaching as well (grading papers). How in the world do you balance the grading and the writing? I admire your discipline. Your novel will be published, by the way. It will win an award for first novel, so just take your time and savor your ability to walk to the local cafe without being recognized. I think of you often, and I'm sorry that I am terrible about keeping in touch! Best, Twila (I gave up on MySpace because I don't want my students trying to access it.)

Professor Johnson said...

I realize that Professor Johnson sounds so pretentious. I have a class blog for my English 101 students, so that is why my name appears this way!