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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Letter to the New York Post

It's been said that 1,000 monkeys banging away on 1,000 typewriters would eventually compose the works of Shakespeare
. I was reminded of this slur against the world's scribes when I saw the New York Post's now infamous cartoon. It features a bloody monkey dotted with bullet-holes and a police officer saying that someone else will have to write the next stimulus legislation. The monkey is clearly a writer. After all, in the world of the cartoon, he wrote the stimulus bill. How else are we to interpret this cartoon? It's not as if apes have traditionally and consistently been used as an insult against any other group. I'm outraged, I don't care if Rupert Murdoch apologized. Call Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth, Junot Diaz and the great memoirist Bo-rock O'Bama, we writers need to march against the New York Post.

A Letter To The New York Post by Public Enemy


D. Scott said...

Obscure reference that only a writer would use to satorize a slanderous cartoon that was meant to marginalize black people. I'll give you 10 points for creativity for flipping the cartoon on its head. But I give you 0 points because you didn't address the controvery, or is your flippant response used to identify why you think is a trivial matter? Hmmm maybe 2 points.

Rion Amilcar Scott said...

Wait, do you give me 10 points, 0 or 2. I'm confused.

D. Scott said...

10 for creativity 2 for your flippant response. I'n judging this entry like its figure skating or gymnastics.