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Thursday, May 7, 2009

While others drop Science, David Simon drops English

If any one out there is still reading this shit, check out David Simon's commentary before the Senate on the newspaper industry. It's really lucid, but very disturbing. As a former newspaperman, I am heartened that someone can speak so clearly on the subject, but I'm also scared for our so-called democracy. But check how he destroys the conventional wisdom that the internet killed the newspaper star. This has gotta be the realest shit he ever wrote and dude created The Wire: Without further ado, here is David Simon dropping English. 


David H said...

What does he mean? Clearly, an absolutely unfettered free market is the answer to everything! Everyone pretending to understand and selectively quote The Wealth of Nations says so! It's so perfect, that today's new media now emulate the height of American journalism, in the late 18th century, when rags printed on half-assed presses by citizen journalists wrote things like "Thomas Jefferson wears ladies' underclothes."

He is so right about the newspaper industry killing itself. All that crap they were doing consolidating newspapers and going for the big, splashy stories in the 1990s is the reason I did not become a journalist.

Anyway. I like picking up the newspaper off my front step. Maybe it's because it's the Washington Post. I am not sure what I would do without it. I can't read the computer with Lucky Charms sloshing around next to it.

Sorry, touched a nerve.

This guy at the NYT seems to have a little more optimistic outlook, despite the headline.

David H said...

Here's some more:
"Laws that Could Save Journalism"I don't think those guys quite got the memo.