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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Bloomsday Miracle

So it's Bloomsday, the commemoration of Stephen Dedalus's walk around Dublin as detailed by James Joyce in his collection of words, oops, I mean, novel, Ulysses. At the tip top of my bucket list is spending a Bloomsday in Ireland. They seem like they're having fun.

So anyway, every year I attempt to finish my man JJ's book and for some reason every year I'm thwarted.

And no, the title of this post doesn't mean I finished. I haven't even cracked it. This year I was thwarted when I stepped outside to see my car gone. Lovely State of Marlyand neglected to send me my registration sticker despite deposting the check I sent them for renewal and decided to take my car until I I could display a registration sticker. Fun.

So, instead of reading, Stately Plump Rion Amilcar was pissed. I'll probably pick it up later today.

But James Joyce, the patron saint of Bloomsday, is indeed looking out for all the good little children of the writing world. Got two acceptances over the weekend. Unlikely 2.0 and Dogmatika like my work enough to want to publish it. Dogmatika is out of Ireland so, as you can see, just like every Bloomsday, James Joyce rose up to bring presents to all the good kids who believe.

Both are web journals, so I'll let you all know when they are up. Unlikely 2.0 accepted my story, "Whatever Happened to the Man With the Familiar Face?," for a special July 4th issue, so I assume it will be up around that time. The story at Dogmatika is called "Razor Bumps."

Got another one coming up, but I'll let you know about that one later....

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