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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vote Today! It's your Civic Duty!

If you vote for my story, A Rare and Powerful Employee for story of the month on Bartleby Snopes, my story will get the troops out of Iraq and will pass Universal Healthcare.

What can I say about my opponents?

Going Green by Kevin Dickinson is a flip-flopper.

A Disagreement Divine by Eric V. Neagu is a good man, but voted for the war in Iraq

Game, Set, Match by Robert Meade is soft on crime.

Lovers by Adelaide B. Shaw smoked pot in college.

Bringing the War Back Home by Jac Cattaneo is clearly a dangerous jingoist intent on keeping us entangled in stupid battles abroad.

Holograms by Phoebe Wilcox is a racist.

Check out this story, Instructional by Brandi Wells, over on Pank that is in the same vein as my own. I promise when elected that this story will play a major role in my administration.

My name is Rion Amilcar Scott and I approve of this message!

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