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Monday, October 5, 2009

Roman Polanksi, Victim of...uh...Persecution, or something....

There's been a lot of talk about Roman Polanski, convicted rapist and brilliant director of such amazing flicks as Rosemary's Baby, a picture whose denouement involves rape, by Satan, no less.

Apparently oppressive government officials had the nerve to arrest him for his crime. Don't they know he directed Rosemary's Baby???

Lots of big brains, like Salman Rushdie and Woody Allen, artistic secular humanists all,  have signed a petition calling for his freedom. Who are we ordinary folks to argue?

Come on, what could the guy have done to warrant this treatment?

Hold on.

.....Oh, I see....I see....Wait, he did what?....And the girl was how old?....Oh, God that's disgusting.....Criminal, even!...Oh God...Unbelievable....

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