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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti 1

Got so many thoughts....Coming from the African Diaspora Haiti's history has provided me with a lot of hope and inspiration in my life. That history probably provided a whole lot more hope and inspiration for my ancestors.

I will post more thoughts later, this is just a quick update.

A Haitian friend hit me with this note. If anyone can help, please do:

My aunt, Raymonde Lochard is an American citizen. She, along with her kids are stuck under the rubble of where their house collapsed...there are civilians there helping but more help is needed...she has her two kids trapped as well which are American citizens as well the address is:

66 Rue St. Gerard
Carrefour Feulle port-au-prince
West entrance of St. Gerard church

They can hear her under the rubble...please help time is of the essence....PLEASE HELP

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