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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti 2

A message from a friend of mine and her brother, who both know the Island of Hispanola (the island that Haiti and the Dominican Republic share) well. It's ended with a long list of places to give. So Give.

Dear Friends,

By now I’m sure you’ve read about the earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday. An estimated 3 million have been affected, and government officials have stated that the death toll maybe as many as a 100,000. My family and I have always held Haiti very close to our hearts. We share an island. We know the rich culture and history Haiti possesses, and how often its economic and political hardships have overshadowed its treasures. And yet even if you do not know that much about this country or its people, you can imagine the immense suffering they have endured, and are experiencing at this moment. They have literally seen their world collapse.

My father worked with Haiti for nearly a decade, and he has always admired its people. He has often told me, “El Haitiano tiene dignidad!” “The Haitian has always had dignity.” In the spirit of one of its greatest leaders, Macandal, and in the fighting spirit of the Haitian people themselves, please, join the fight to help Haiti and donate money for aid.

Please, read on. I f I have not convinced you, I’m positive that my brother’s words will move you the way they moved me.

-Ines Rivera

Those of you who know me well know that I'm not one to send out mass emails or any email at all. That said, I feel it is my duty to do my part and rally the troops to come to the aid of the poorest nation in the world. Haiti borders my birth country, the Dominican Republic. Historically it has found itself on the losing end of almost every battle it's fought. The world we live in today is a constant reinforcement of marketing campaigns to get you to purchase material goods that we don't really need. Tomorrow when you got to Starbucks or pay $10 for lunch, just remember that the Earthquake in Haiti is affecting a country where 80% of the population lives on less than $1 a day. Your $10 will go 10 fold, and even at the most minimal level help someone in true need of it. As a friend of mine, I implore you to give something, anything, more than you have before, just please don't be apathetic!!!! This is just the beginning of the aftermath and has years of implications. I will ask for your help again, but for now please make a donation to any of the organizations below.

With all my love, integrity, and hope.

-Alex Rivera

Action Against Hunger, 877-777-1420

Agape Flights, 941-584-8078

American Red Cross, 800-733-2767

American Jewish World Service, 212-792-2900

AmeriCares, 800-486-4357

Beyond Borders, 866-424-8403

CARE, 800-521-2273


Catholic Relief Services, 800-736-3467

Childcare Worldwide, 800-553-2328

Concern Worldwide, 212-557-8000

Cross International, 800-391-8545

Direct Relief International, 805-964-4767

Doctors Without Borders, 888-392-0392

Feed My Starving Children, 763-504-2919

Food for the Poor, 800-427-9104

Friends of WFP, 866-929-1694

Haiti Children, 877-424-8454

Haiti Foundation Against Poverty

Haiti Marycare, 203-675-4770

Haitian Health Foundation, 860-886-4357

Hope for Haiti, 239-434-7183

International Medical Corps, 800-481-4462

International Rescue Committee, 877-733-8433

International Relief Teams, 619-284-7979

Lutheran World Relief, 800-597-5972

Medical Teams International, 800-959-4325

Meds and Food for Kids, 314-420-1634

Mennonite Central Committee, 888-563-4676

Mercy Corps, 888-256-1900

Operation Blessing, 800-730-2537

Operation USA, 800-678-7255

Oxfam, 800-776-9326

Partners in Health, 617-432-5298

Rural Haiti Project, 347-405-5552

The Salvation Army, 800-725-2769

Samaritan's Purse, 828-262-1980

Save the Children, 800-728-3843

UN Central Emergency Response Fund 

UNICEF, 800-367-5437

World Concern, 800-755-5022

World Hope International, 888-466-4673

World Relief, 800-535-5433

World Vision, 888-511-6548

Yele Haiti, 212-352-0552
Wyclef Jean's grassroots org
Text Yele to 501 501 to donate $5 via your cellphone

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