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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Juba in New Madrid

These images are from the front and back covers of the Winter 2010 issue of New Madrid. I just got it in the mail today. My story "Juba" is on page 54. The issue's theme is "Dynamics of Poverty and Wealth," very timely for a literary journal. Just read an essay called "Going for Broke: An Alphabet of (No) Money" by Lorri McDole. Very devastating piece at some points. Still exploring the rest of the issue. I'm proud to be in a journal with that essay.

My story is about an unemployed guy who is mistaken for an elusive criminal who shares a name with the story's title. The man goes on a journey to find Juba and...F it, go buy the issue here

It's a good story. Solid story. One of my favorites. Last we saw "Juba" on this blog he was sending me to Africa. Thanks Juba! You're the man!