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Monday, January 18, 2010


Gonna be cleaning up around here a bit so this blog won't suck as much. Promised myself that in 2010 I would get back to regular blogging instead of the sporadic crap that I've been giving the three of you. I know. I know. I said that many times before. You have no reason to believe me. I had this great series of posts I was gonna do after I got back from Africa and then after the election and then after the inaugaration and then during the summer which I had off from teaching (I used the summer mainly for watching cartoons and playing chicken with 18-year-olds in the neighborhood pool.) and then and then....Life done kicked my ass last year.....So anyway, pardon my dust, a brother's remodeling and then I'm gonna get back to burning some Datsuns!

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Abdel Shakur said...

I feels you, homey. I've been going through a bit of a stretch myself. But we going to do it big this year.