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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Octavio The Clown's Last Act

New story thing out in the world at Bewildering Stories. They describe it like this in their story guide.

It's a story that takes place in a future when the weather is going crazy. Not like now when our weather patterns are relatively stable. (Funny). 

But seriously, when I was a kid I had a science teacher who was an environmentalist. She showed us a lot of terrifying movies about the how future weather patterns would be disrupted by our pollution and how fossil fuels would start becoming more and more scarce causing global conflicts. As a kid, this was horrifying and I became obsessed with the environment. I talked about it so much that when my community began recycling, my family put me in charge of collecting all the recyclables and taking it out. Which kind of sucked, because I was the youngest and no one ever asks the youngest to do anything. So this obsession started bringing new responsibilities.

This craziness about the environment brought me such great anxiety that I had to turn away from it. It was ruining my life. One 4th of July, my dad took us to see the fireworks and I looked up at the colorful explosions and the gasses they produced and said, "Dad, is this depleting the ozone layer." He replied: "Probably." At that point I realized that I had to turn away from this and find a new thing to obsess about.

Too bad our decision makers had a similar turning away from the environment because everything in those scary videos is coming true. And that's really scary.

Read my story.


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