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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

April 29th Brought Power to the People

Here's the latest from the Rion factory: April 29th Brought Power to the People.

It's about some decidedly Cross Riverian gangsters during the LA Riots of 1992. The title comes from one of my favorite Ice Cube songs and thus reminds me of the time I used to listen to it almost daily.

I was in junior high and there was hopes that the future would bring greater freedom and adventure. What I most remember is a Christmas Eve when my dad and I hurried off to the mall to do our shopping as was our custom. I had some type of horrible bug and no appetite.

I went to the mall anyway. Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. I remember standing in the line of a record store (remember them) buying a gift for my brother when my stomach decides to be in open revolt.

My dad tries to rush me to the bathroom so I can earl, but we don't make it and whatever I did or didn't have for breakfast are left in Montgomery Mall.

We went home and he finished the shopping by himself. That entire holiday season I spent in my bed listening to Ice Cube's, the "Predator." His last good album.

Somewhere in there is a metaphor for my life.

All of this has nothing to do with my story. Go read it. Here's the link again. You're welcome.

And here's the Ice Cube song:

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