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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fiction International: 202 Checkmates 1

Remember the other day, I told you about Fiction International's "Walls" issue, where my story, "202 Checkmates" will appear?

Well, the journal announced on its Facebook page that the issue is out!

I'm a perfectly horrible chess player. I used to want to be a good chess player. I knew I'd never be great, but I figured I could be just a good player. I thought the game would steady my mind or make more intellectual or something. I went several years with a kind of  obsession with the game. Playing it whenever I had a chance (usually losing). Thinking about it. Reading about it. Even had a board next to my desk at work. None of that made me a better player.

It's funny how much chess can say about your personality. I often wasted too much tim protecting my queen while leaving my king unprotected. She was powerful, I figured, but I never got a chance to deploy her power as I'd be checkmated. What that says about me, I'll let you imagine.

At some point I realized I'd never be any good at the game so I wrote a story about it instead. Remarkable how this one story settled my yearnings to be a pretty good chess player.

I still think about going back at the game. I'll definitely break out the board when my son gets older and when he starts beating me I'll write another story involving chess.

Go buy the issue at Amazon or Paypal.

When I get the issue in the mail, I'll tell you some more about the story's origin.

Meanwhile, play a game of chess right here:

Click "shallow" or "deep" to choose your playing mode and get to playing!

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