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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Blunt

Damn Cali, WTF?. You couldn't muster the political will to legalize an already basically decriminalized substance? I suppose all the weedheads got high and forgot to vote. Somewhere in Northern Cali, B-Real is contemplating suicide curled on a dirty floor, clutching a bong to his lips and mumbling, "Why couldn't I get out of bed? Why? Why? Why? Oh, because I've been smoking herb for 35 years and have little motivation as a result. I mean, have you heard how lazy my music has sounded in the last 10 years? Oh well. Time to spark another owl!" Poor guy.

This seems appropriate:

Last Blunt by The Coup, who's frontman Boots Riley can be seen performing with Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello as Street Sweeper Social Club.

Actually, this seems more appropriate...

Shitty song by "rapper" and one-hit wonder, Afroman. "I was gonna vote, Tuesday, but then I got high." 

More on the election on the way.

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