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Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Music: Buika

 I'd never heard of Afro-Spanish singer Buika before hearing about her on NPR the other day, but now I'm a dedicated fanatic (as opposed to the undedicated fanatics). She has a voice that can make even the most hateful person suddenly turn to love.

There's a point in the NPR interview (linked above) that she begins singing the blues in a rusty, smoky voice and I feel something at the center of my chest each time. It's almost so painful that I want to turn it off, but there is so much beauty there that I need to keep listening.

In addition to the lovely voice, the wisdom this woman has gleaned from life is incredible. The quote below stuck me as some sort of Revelation of Everything and I'm not even a woman. I'm babbling. Go listen to the NPR interview. Check her out on Youtube. Watch the video below. But become a Buika follower.

[singer, Chavela Vargas], she says, unlocked the prison door of loneliness for her — by explaining that women need loneliness to create, without interference.

"So, to me, [it] was like a boom. Like a big boom in my head," Buika says. "Because I was so scared of loneliness. So scared of loneliness. Because when you are alone, you hear yourself. And I didn't want to hear myself."

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