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Monday, November 1, 2010

Overheard on the Street (or Look at all These Rumors)

Man 1: Dog, I heard Datsun Flambe is coming back.

Man 2: Datsun Flambe?

Man 1: You know, the blog of the writer, Rion Amilcar Scott.

Man 2: Who?

Man1: The short story writer and novelist.

Man 2: What's he written? Has he even written a novel? Can you call yourself a novelist if you've never published a novel? Isn't that a bit pretentious?

Man 1: You've asked a bevy of great existential questions. I'll deal with the first one. There's a bunch of stuff linked on the right side of his blog under the heading, "Now Playing."

Man 2: "Coming Attractions?"

Man 1: No, those are stories that are yet to come out. 

Man 2: What exactly is a "bevy?"

Man 1: .....

Man 2: This sure is an odd conversation.

Man 1: I'll say. But yeah, his blog is coming back, bigger and better, forget about deffer.

Man 2: Bigger and better, forget about deffer? Say, isn't that the line Kool Moe Dee used to body LL Cool J in their fabled hip-hop battle.

Man 1: Why, it sure is. Kool Moe Dee sure did body Cool J in that battle. People seem to think LL won, but if you look at it, LL, never won a battle. Remember the part where he said he would whip LL and call him Toby

Man 2: LOL, (Man 2 actually says "LOL" instead of laughing out loud which no one actually does when they type it.) Didn't LL crush Moe Dee, Hammer and Ice-T's curl?

Man 1: So he says, but if you really look at it, he's never really won a battle. Remember when Canibus destroyed him?

Man 2: Yes, people think because Canibus's career floundered that he lost against Cool J, but that's not how you judge a battle.

Man 1: It sure isn't. You know, I think this whole conversation must have been funnier in the author's head.

Man 2: Probably.

Man yea, um, Datsun Flambe's coming back.

Man 2: What is Datsun Flambe again?

Man 1: No one really knows.

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