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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Words....Hummin' Comin' Atcha....

I don't normally blog about my print publications before I get them in the mail, lest they were some elaborate joke by the people plotting my downfall--(They are out there; I ain't crazy!)--but, there's been some internet activity surrounding these three all at once like I'm the chosen one or something (because it's all about me) so I figured I'd bless the new improved Flambe with a post. I'll likely blog about them again in more detail once they arrive.

Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind
The good folks at the web journal Unlikely 2.0 are currently on a mini-tour to promote this massive, 400 page anthology that features new work and work previously published on the site. Supposedly it's out and you can order it, but I'm still waiting on my contributor's copy. If you see the editor, Jonathan Penton, tell him to send my damn copy!!!!!

Go purchase it and turn to page 218 where you'll find my story, "The Day Phoenix Starr Died," which is also a chapter in the novel I've been plugging away at. I referenced it in Saturday's post.  If you recall, Unlikely 2.0 published another story of mine, "Whatever Happened to the Man with the Familiar Face?"

Here are the first two paragraphs of "Phoenix Starr":

I was in love once with a woman named Shauntice, but she wasn’t a woman, she was a girl. It’s OK, I was a boy. But compared to me she was grown and complete and I was just a child.
    Much of the last paragraph is a lie. I wasn’t in love with her, just her breasts. I know what you’re thinking: That’s not love; it’s lust. But it wasn’t. It was love. Pure and true and special, though I didn’t recognize it at the time. I missed them when they weren’t around and thought about them all the time. Wrote them love poems and had conversations with them in my head. 

Find samples of the issue here.

Fiction International

I'm also in the "Walls" issue of Fiction International, which you can pre-order at paypal or amazon. My story "202 Checkmates" is one I've been waiting a long time to see in print. Look, you want to read this story. It'll change your life. Probably not, but it won this award over here. And made a few people cry (no bullshit).

It's narrated by a little girl as her relationship with her father grows, evolves, blossoms and contracts over games of chess.

The first sentence is:

In my eleventh year my father taught me defeat.

I definitely have more to say about this story, but I'm looking forward to reading the other pieces when it shows up in the mail. Check out the table of contents and samples from the issue here.


Also available for pre-order is PANK 5. Which features another chapter from "The Revelation of Everything," (that's the novel's title). This one's the first chapter and it's called, "Wrestling the Dog (Who I Am. What I Am Not)."

And this time I'm not sharing any paragraphs or sentences. You need to go out and read it. A guy, as the title suggests, wrestles a dog. A big dog. A real dog, not one of those little ratty-looking ones.

Most exciting, (at least to me, but almost certainly not to you--unless you're some sort of weirdo) is that I'll be published alongside my good friend, Eugenia Tsutsumi, who has a story in here called "Imported Marie." There are a bunch of other writers I'm looking forward to reading and am proud in advance that I'm being published with unless their stories suck then I'm embarrassed as they should be (I'm only keeeeeding...).

PANK does a lot of cool things every month at their website and blog. Recently, they published a "Queer Issue" that you should check out.

Apparently, PANK 5 will assemble an army and give birth to a dancing star, according to the editor, which, I'm assuming, will be better than a contributor's copy.

Oh shit....I nearly forgot....the good people at Emprise Review, who published my story, "A Ramadan Tale," have nominated it for a Pushcart Prize, which I know is no big deal, but I think it's cool.


Sara said...

Yay, Rion! Congratulations, and fingers crossed for the Pushcart!

Rion Amilcar Scott said...

Thanks Sara...just found out that the "202 Checkmates" issue is published.