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Saturday, December 25, 2010

3 Songs that Sample Christmas Music but have Nothing to Do With Christmas

When I first heard Cory Gunz--whatever year that was, let's say 2003 or 4--I thought he was the 2nd coming or the next big thing at least. Music was so horrid at the time that I was looking to the stars for something new and here through my internet computer machine came this little kid flowing over a hard New York beat. Plus he used an unexpected sample--Bonus! Then I found out he was the son of a 90s New York rapper who was corny, but just barely credible, the one-hit wonder, Peter Gunz. I grew wary, but still thought I was one of the first to recognize the leader of the next wave of great hip-hop. Well, Cory Gunz's rap career never materialized. He's popped up on freestyles here and there--some great verses and some mediocre ones. Just recently, Lil Wayne put him on his first post prison single. It's OK. Word is he's on Wayne's label, Young Money. We'll keep watching. Oh yeah, the below is not the great song I remembered it being. I'm sure it was better than most of what was out at the time, but my enthusiasm was misplaced. Cool to listen to as an artifact of the time.

Got more Christmas surprises...check back at 8 a.m., 10:06 a.m. and noon

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