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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Special: The Shepherd by Frederick Forsyth as read by Alan Maitland

This is a great Christmas short story called "The Shepherd" by writer Frederick Forsyth. They've been playing the reading every year since 1979 on the CBC show, "As it Happens". I first head it in 2007. I was supposed to go to a dinner at a restaurant in Virginia hosted by my wife's boss. I drove all around that stupid state that night and couldn't find the restaurant despite being told I was five minutes away. I got disgusted with my wandering and went off to the mall where I bought my father a brown sweater and my grandmother a banzai tree that died not long after I presented it to her. On the way home, I turned to NPR and to my surprise, they were playing a short story. I was getting my MFA in fiction at the time so I drove and listened and got lost in the tale of a pilot trying to land one Christmas while his electrical equipment failed. I sat in the driveway for about 20 minutes or so just to hear the end of the story.

So, here we go: The Shepherd. This broadcast of it begins with an interview where the author talks about how he came to write the story and publish it (he is known for thrillers, not Christmas stories). The story begins at about 5:52.

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