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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Standing and other stuff like my Fiction International issue showing up in the mail in the midsts of hard times

About a month ago, my right eye started swelling.

Then that went away and my left eye swelled.

Then one day after all of that, I woke up with a horrible crick in my neck.

That healed and then I get a massive, energy sapping cold.

All of this would have been ok, after all, that's life, but I had stacks and stacks and stacks of papers to grade at the same time. Don't know how I survived, but I did. So forgive me if there was no cartoon or music on Monday (the one person who reads this blog says: "What? I didn't even notice. I don't read this stupid blog.")

Anyway, in the midsts of my body attacking me, my winter issue of Fiction International finally came in the mail. You know, the one with my story, "202 Checkmates. So far, I've read mind blowing stories by: Margot Demopoulos, James William Brown and Ali Hosseini. And a cool visual story by Tyrone Nagai which you can read here.

And you can and should buy the issue at the link above.

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