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Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Music: Discipline

The above is one of two really corny moments on an otherwise great album. (The other, of course, is Mind Sex). There is some laughable singing ("Discipline makes things easier/organize your liiiiiife") and then a recitation of cliches your dad said to you when you were five:






Back when this album came out I told a friend that the song sounds like some thing out of Schoolhouse Rock.

Instead of laughing at it, I would have been wise to heed the lessons. Cliches, can be trite, but true. And they can often be just what you need to hear. A friend recently said that I was more disciplined than her because I finished a novel while she was just plugging away at hers. But the truth is, I finished a novel despite a lack of discipline, not because I sat at the desk and banged away hour after hour.

Back when I was a journalist who wanted to be a novelist I vowed to wake at 5 in the morning each morning and put in hours of writing before work. I'm not a morning person. I think that didn't even last a few days. I got about 50 pages of a novel that will never be finished out of that. Though most of that was written late at night.

Recently I've despaired that my ideas keep growing, but so do my outside responsibilities. Consequently, my time keeps shrinking. As I start off a new semester at my dayjob, I'm hoping today kicks off a new era of discipline. I've carved away time to put in my 10,000 hours. Future me must now co-operate.

(Voice: Hey, Rion.
Rion: Yeah? Who's there?
V: It's future you.
R: Aren't you supposed to be writing?
V: Yeah, but I'm not.
R: What are you doing?
V: Watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Surfing the internet. Look, man. I'm not going to co-operate.        
         Furthermore, this is an odd way to end this post. Are you out of ideas?
R: Yes, I am.)

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