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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Weather Stations by Ryan Call

You know what I just did? I pre-ordered my friend Ryan Call's collection of stories, The Weather Stations. (also bought Kim Parko's Cure-All with it for an extra $4) It comes out in March. (pre-order here) Sometimes it's weird to talk about Ryan's work because he is a friend, so take what I say with a grain of salt  if you want, but with that said, reading his work has often left me with a spinning feeling at the top of my head. I'm often amazed by the amount of meaning he's able to wring out of a collection of words. His settings and scenarios are so distant from our everyday lives, but they feel so urgent. Been looking forward to this for so long. Go get it.

Some stories from the work:

And so this is not just a commercial, I got something for ya: Here is an online chapbook the dude published a while ago with illustrations from his sister, Christy Call: (this story is not in The Weather Stations)

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