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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Logorama

The Oscars are happening soon.

Each year, I take to the National Archives in DC to see the Oscar Nominated cartoon shorts. One of the many benefits of living in DC is that culture is often free. Sorry to you folks who don't live here. Last year was either a great year for animation or a most horribly depressing one.

The Oscar nominated shorts were all on the trending toward bad end of mediocre, except two. One was a Wallace and Gromit (or is Wallow in Vomit?) short that was so bad it's etched in my memory like a great horror and the other was Logorama. A short that tells the story of a heist. The characters and backgrounds are made entirely of logos.

It was a flick so intensely clever and exciting, it more than made up for all the horrid flicks nominated that year.

So, without further doo-doo:

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