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Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Music (FT Valentine's Day Edition): Drop a Jewel on Me (A Day in the life)

I wanted to post the video for the below song, but I couldn't find an embeddable version. So, you can just listen. It's a scene from Sticky Fingaz's hip-hop musical, A Day in the Life, which is a lot better than you would imagine and a lot better than its trailer suggests.

All the dialogue is delivered in the form of rap lyrics. My favorite scene is where Clarence Williams III, also known as Prince's father from Purple Rain, drops some knowldge to Sticky Fingaz's character in rap form. Yes, the great actor Clarence Williams III actually raps!

The knowledge that he drops that relates to the psudeo-holiday of Vday is this:

"You caught up in that love shit? No wonder you trippin'
Don't you know everybody love got conditions?
They only love you if you do this or do that.
Don't love you if you're like this or like that."

A link to the scene in the movie with Clarence Williams III talking to Sticky Fingaz is below the videobox. I recommend you watch it. This all works so much better with the image.

"Fuck That Valentine's Day!" ~Andre3000

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