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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Appreciation: Elizabeth Taylor

Forgive me for posting a commercial. Elizabeth Taylor just passed. Which makes me think of my grandmother. Who's been gone for going on three years now. Taylor endorsed the perfume and lotion line advertised in the above commercial. My grandmother used to love White Diamonds, especially the lotion. I was thinking about that the other day. Could almost smell it. She used to squeeze out too much and then slather the excess on my hands when I wasn't looking and I'd get annoyed and tell her I didn't want to smell like a lady. Whenever she squeezed out too much and I wasn't paying close enough attention, she'd get me.

It's minor a coincidence that Taylor died just as I had Granny and White Diamonds on my mind. But the bigger thing, for me, is that just yesterday I found a way to write something on Granny. The death of a close grandmother is so common that an essay on the subject, if not done well would be so trite and meaningless to anybody outside of me. But I thought the other day how certain types of language, language that is normally, and rightfully, looked down upon, was the only thing that gave me solace after she passed. I'm being vague because I don't like to be explicit about half-formed ideas. That somehow kills them.

I love to dream about Granny, and probably do once a week, because most of the time it feels very, very real. Dreams will be a part of it, I guess and White Diamonds and her trickster spirit and...I don't know. I hate writing non-fiction. So I hate getting ideas to write non-fiction. I normally turn them into fiction, but this one can't be turned into a story.

This hasn't been about Elizabeth Taylor, I know. I know little about Elizabeth Taylor. But I'm thankful she could provide the perfume that gave me and Granny many moments and I appreciate that.

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