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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hell Week is Over

Hell Week was...just awful.

The papers kept coming and then they grew faces and the faces laughed at me and then they started talking and I kept pushing forward, grading as I went and the papers started laughing at me and then one said, "You will never finish this task," and my son started crying, except his cries sounded like, "You are not up to the task of grading all these papers nor of raising me."

And then I had a nervous breakdown.

And then another.

Then I finished grading all the papers.

Then I found one I missed.

But now I'm on Spring Break. I like Spring Break so much that I capitalized it when it should be lowercase. Spring Break.

Once, I told my wife that I could complete a draft of my short story collection in a week if given the time. I need a good excuse for the end of the week when it's not done. Because it won't be done.

But I am working on a lot of projects. Like my column over on the PANK blog. The aforementioned short story collection. Sending out my completed novel to agents. Some children's works. Because Rion is for the Children. Reading 100 books. Making changes to this blog no one reads or comments on, which I've been doing slowly, slowly. Some other things. I'm excited about working on these things.

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