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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cross River Love

I want to change the name of my blog from Datsun Flambe to Cross River Love. Because Cross River*, knows how to party, yes they do. But I don't think I can change the name of the blog because I've already built up a deep well of indifference for the Datsun Flambe brand. I mean, to create this much indifference is pretty hard. Sometimes I click into the site myself and I start reading and I'm like, "Man, I feel nothing. Neither dislike nor like. Certainly not passion." I mean, changing the name might force people to feel something or even worse, I might improve the content and engender "admiration" or something. Nope. I don't want your damn admiration. I'll keep my cryptic unexplained blog name**. We keep it rocking. We keep it rocking. Make it shake. Shake, shake it baby. Shake it, shake it mama. Shake it Flambe.

*I'm not talking about Cross River in Nigeria or in New York, but the Cross River where most of the stories linked on the side take place.

**Hint: it has something to do with Ralph Ellison.

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