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Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birtherday

I propose that April 27 be set aside as a national holiday, Birtherday. It will celebrate the moment president Barack Obama made the unprecedented and uneccessary move of providing his birth certificate to the public to prove what everyone, but a handful of racists already know: that he was born in the United States and is eligible to hold his office.

Here are some suggestions as how to celebrate:

1. Exchange gifts with people, but only citizens of the United States of America.

2. Sing the Birtherday Song. It is to the tune of Luke's It's Your Birthday. The lyrics go: "Go Barack it's your Birtherday...." And then you substitute the name of everybody in the room.

3. Make Birtherday Cakes with icing that looks like the Hawaiian longform birth certificate....

4. Harass someone different than you...

Leave other suggestions in the comment section. Don't let me down. We need to create some traditions for Birtherday.

So here's a roundup of Birtherday articles that are worth reading, including my column, Forgive Him Father, over on the PANK blog (first one):

Birther Control or Ol' Clementine Got Some Questions About the President's Birth Certificate

On to the Next One

Our President is Black

Show Me Your Papers (a must read on The Goldie Taylor Project)

The Onion Goes in 

Confronting the Coded Racism of Donald Trump

Esquire Reporter Tags Along with the Birthers
Esquire Reporter Hangs With the Birthers Part 2

Lawrence O'Donnell goes in. Who says he's boring? Well, I did, but he's proving me wrong:

Colbert goes in. Perfect ending:

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