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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Haven't Left the Blog Alone The Flambe Needs Me: Illness, God, Moses and "Nigger Knocking"

No, my little lurkers, I haven't abandoned the blog again for the third time. Sickness hit my gut with a one-two punch of vomiting and you don't want to know what. It came with little warning. Had a slight headache Monday night. Still didn't prepare me for what was about to happen.

I stayed up late Monday night, even with my headache, making plans to redouble my efforts on my short story collection. I told myself that if I kept my head down and wrote, wrote, wrote I could finish it by the end of next month. Just as I told myself that, my body started laughing. The next day, I was teaching a class and my stomach got to bubbling and...well, the rest is gruesome.

So I rested and took a day off work and now I'm back and I'm bearing gifts: In this week's PANK, I tell the story of the Ten Commandments.

And I'm also in Uptown Mosaic Magazine's first issue. It's a magazine that attempts to capture the essence of Uptown, DC with an eye on the world. My story, The Nigger Knockers, is another chapter from my novel, The Revelation of Everything. And I'm really proud it's in the fiction section of the first issue of this magazine. I'm excited to see the directions the magazine will be going in the future.

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