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Friday, April 15, 2011

Not the centennial issue.
Forgot to tell you. Got a review of this young adult novel, We Could be Brothers  by Derrick Barnes in the centennial issue of The Crisis Magazine. Here's how I start:

The first sentence of Derrick Barnes' young adult novel, We Could be Brothers, is the rare sentence that says much more than it intends to. If read in a certain way, it serves as a sort of meta-commentary on the book itself.

Barnes writes, "As soon as the bell rang, 2:30 on the dot, classroom doors swung wide open and we flew out into the hallways like we were shot from cannons."

It's a sentence that is full of relentless motion and energy, but also one marred by clumsiness and cliche'. The story that follows moves more or less in that same vein. Smooth and, at times, page-turning tension is often contrasted with false notes, preachiness and flat characterization.

read here. And read the rest of the issue here. Or order it here.

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