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Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'd like to Thank the Comedy Gods for Anthony Weiner and Weinergate!

Not me.

I wrote this ("Transcript: Anthony Weiner's Penis Answers Questions at His Press Conference") about Weinergate over at PANK. I kind of ignored Anthony Weiner at first. Whatever happened was murky and, hey he was a liberal hero and it all seemed so easy, what with the name and all. But part of me kept saying, something is not adding up. Then this happened:

The single greatest press conference of all time. So I stopped staring a gift horse in the mouth and came up with something. His name, his actions, his outing....the Comedy Gods don't always give us such material to work with. They decided to shine, shine, shine...

Funny idea for someone out there: Weiner on To Catch a Predator....go!

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