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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons: "You're Getting Old," The Most Amazing Episode of South Park Ever

This week, I'm not posting a video, mostly because they won't let me embed. I'm going to give you a link and this link will change your life. Here is the link.

It's an episode of South Park that aired this week, titled, "You're Getting Old." South Park is the most consistent piece of comedy/satire out there. This episode is just special and I've been thinking about it since I watched it. South Park is known for shitting all over everything until you find the truth in a very narrow strip of the middle. This episode calls that whole point of view into question. Stan, at the age of 10, finds himself becoming cynical. The music all his friends love (and everything else) sounds like crap (literally) to him. And he can't find enjoyment in anything, so he mocks everything. All of this alienates him from his friends.

What's so special about this episode is that it is genuinely moving. We've all been moved by a dramatic part of a comedy, but this has no such dramatic parts. It's all comedy and it's still genuinely sad, while being hilarious. It's something that I've hoped to pull off in some of my humor writing, but haven't achieved yet. The episode is not just funny, it's affecting and a bit uncomfortable.

I've been that cynical asshole who ruins things for people because things are changing right before me. We've all been that person. Some of us are more insufferable than others. It's a response to moments of great and uncomfortable internal change. South Park is best when it is putting up a mirror to the audience.

Some are speculating that this episode is signaling the beginning of the end of South Park. I've often wondered how long they can keep going. How long can they manage the consistency. How long they can keep up this particular point of view. There are 7 episodes left in the season. It'll be back sometime later this year. I'm interested in seeing what direction they'll take it.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch Southpark for almost a decade and was amazed to find it was still funny when I came back.

Maybe those two will are planning on going into into musicals full time.

Rion Amilcar Scott said...


I've been in and out of the show over the years and yeah, they don't miss a beat. I remain skeptical about Book of Mormon, but I've loved everything else they've done so maybe this one (and any future musicals) are worth it.