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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Tribute to words we're not supposed to say

Here is this post over at PANK about words my son accidentally overhears "Substitute “Baby’s First Words” in Case my Son’s Actual First Word Turns Out to be Profanity"

My son actually did say his first word the other day. I was bathing him in his little bathtub and he looked up at me and said: "Daddy." My mother and wife had heard him say it before. And my mother swears he said "hey," but this is the first time he said something recognizable and it seemed he knew what he was saying.

I tease my parents a lot because in my baby book it says that my first word was "da-da." I tell them it was a great disappointment to look in the book and see that my "first word" wasn't actually a word and that I'll never know what my first word was.

But sometimes when he says "da-da," I get the impression that the little guy is just trying to say "Daddy." Like I've been teaching him.

Honestly, I don't like the PANK column this week. I wish I could do it over. Narrative is everything even in something that is essentially a list. I wanted to show us ourselves and get us to laugh in a sense of the familiar. It's about the arrangement (derangement) of the words and the added emphases, which I could have done a better job with. There is little sense of narrative, which if I had been more skillful with the word arrangement, the reader would pick up on a bit.

If I ever re-print it in a book, I'll re-write it. Enjoy it for what it is.

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