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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stankin' Lankin' vol. 3: The reason I wrote very little this week.

The Horn of Africa is hurting....Here are some places to give to help....

Did Newscorp do some American Hacking?

Can DC Comics Rebuild Itself This Fall?

New Spiderman movie? Probably the dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Read this moving piece in the New York Times by the president of Nauru, a country you probably have never heard of (I hadn't).

Here is the cool lineup for Specter Literary Magazine's Blog.
And here is the lineup of the first issue of Specter Literary Magazine. Coming Aug. 1.

That Christian Terrorist from Norway, Anders Behring, advocates bombing writers conferences.

Ayn Rand wrote some great children's books, according to her editor.

Stupid BET banned Killer Mike's video for his thoughtful, "Burn." And then changed course because of fan protests.
Maybe the the son's chorus scared them: "I will burn. This mother. Fucker. Down."
or this: "I know that you frustrated and you want to kill shit. Stockpile your weapons cuz the day might just come real quick."

I was just telling my wife that it was time for a live action Captain Planet movie.

Washington Post has a Muslim in America series.

This is why Borders Failed
I went there today to see what was up. Um, 10 percent off is not really a discount. Especially when those books are marked up way more than 10 percent. When they closed a bunch of their stores a few months back, I went on the last day and bought $200 worth of books for $28. Borders shutting down can mean a return to intimate independent bookstores. Just takes some people with vision. And uh, if you set up a bookstore, make sure you dedicate more space to books and less space to stupid trinkets.

This dude is the man.


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