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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stankin' Lankin'

I spend a lot of time on the internet, it's my affliction. Instead of trying to fight the habit, I'm going to make it useful to you. "Stankin' Lankin'" is my weekly roundup of shit I found interesting on the web.

This is the stuff I read online this week that is worth reading.

The Same Thing Happens Every Night
A father discusses his sweet nightly ritual with his smarter-than-him daughter.

Widow of Lord Glenconner begs manservant who inherited West Indies estate to give back his fortune
This what I call the redistribution of wealth.

Unlikely Animal Friendships
Cuteness overload.

So this woman wrote about how violent sex helped her overcome her PTSD and then some writers and journalists took exception to her essay (she is a white reporter covering Haiti and her PTSD, she says, extends in part from her work interviewing a Haitian rape victim and feeling unsafe in a country that can be dangerous) and then Roxane Gay took exception to them taking exception (and she mentions me!) and then Edwidge Danticat takes further exception and then Roxane gives us a lesson on the words surrounding sexual violence.

Planking Enemy #1. I thought planking was stupid and then Chuck D did it. Well, Chuck can do no wrong.

New Lit Mag to Showcase Emerging YA Writers
Of course, Hunger Mountain, publishes YA fiction.

Speaking of new Lit Mags...I'm going to do a full post about Specter Magazine because it is a really cool inspiring project: A lit mag, a many-voiced group lit blog and a mico-fiction/nonfiction/poetry lit mag all under one umbrella. They've already done some cool things and the project's main part, the lit mag hasn't even launched yet. But for now, read this from the micro-fiction/nonfiction/poetry project. I got one up there too.

Dave Chapelle Does Stand up
Who knew?

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