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Friday, July 1, 2011

Toward a slight change in direction on Datsun Flambe

Summertime Grind.


In a few days I will be back to teaching. Summer school. One class, but it still means that my summer writing time will be cut. Which is a shame because in the month and some weeks that I've been off school I've been sort of wandering in the desert. Written some stuff, but the gigantic mountain that is the various projects I've been working on remain largely untouched.

I'm tired of being 3 stories from a working draft on my short story collection, People in Motion, so I'm working on that. My novel The Revelation of Everything (or whatever the fuck it will be called) needs another draft before it goes back out into the agent world. Then there is the weekly humorfest that is, "Forgive Him Father, for he Knows Not What he has Done" and this blog (my exercise in semi-freewriting) and smaller projects. Oh yeah and I will read 100 Books this year or die trying (I am reading, despite no updates. Trust me on that one.)

Each one has a specific purpose. I finally figured out each thing's specific purpose and figured out a system for working these things at the same time. I guess all the wandering was for a reason but now I have to incorporate summer school into that.

Banana grind.

I typed the last two words as a reminder to myself. I need to remember to grind a banana for my son's eating pleasure. Which brings me to my other thing. The wife and kid are very demanding of my time. Who told this kid to be so helpless? It's been a full nine months since his birth and he hasn't landed a job. Lazy kid.

Seriously though, you ask what all this has to do with the direction of the Flambe. Good question. I know where I want to be as a writer, but not sure how I'm getting there. Or if I'll ever get there. One thing I can count on is the grind. It may not ever get me anywhere, but I can't control my luck or any other outside factors. So I'm going to document the writing grind and all the insights I get from it a bit more on this blog.

I started Datsun Flambe at 1:30 a.m. on May 12 with the hopes that I would makes some funny comments about things. That got boring. I left the blog alone for a while. I figured it would find its focus if I threw a bunch of shit at it and it is finding a new focus. I'll write about hopes, progress, setbacks, rejection, lit mag wait times. I'll self-promote, but like I've been doing, I'll usually offer something else with that self promotion, back stories to the stories, videos or music that served as inspiration.

And as usual: cartoons on Saturday and music on Monday. Other features too if I'm not too lazy.

Let's burn some Datsuns.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading it.

And I second that about the kids. Unfortunately, I have some bad news for you - one of my kids is almost 4 and STILL hasn't gotten a job.

I find posting all my rejections to be cathartic.