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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Been back to work. Not teaching yet, just meetings. Can't help but be a little disappointed at my output for the summer.

Started the summer with three nearly completed projects and ended the summer the same way. It feels like I've made no progress, but my flash fiction project says I added 10,000 words to it. (Yes, my flash project can talk).

What I've learned is what I already know. I'm best at focusing on one thing at a time. Trying to write a flash fiction collection and a short story collection and a novel and some humor pieces is just going to lead to a bottleneck. The writing life is like a highway.

Since I've taken this new perspective as my own, I've had much more peace of mind and, more importantly, gotten more written. I've made plans for the upcoming month, drawn up a new calendar. Until the 15th of Sept. or I will focus exclusively on my flash fiction collection. That should give me enough time to get a draft done, then I can put it to the side and finish up those last few stories lingering on my short story collection. Then I can put that to the side and see what this novel is hollering about. I think I'm getting rid of a chapter and tie the two threads of story more closely together.

And of course, I'm still going ahead with my humor project. I have some ideas backed up with that too. That's something I can do alongside the fiction. I hope.

I'm grateful for this new understanding and focus. Just wish it didn't take the whole summer to figure out.

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